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I was struggling with infertility for over 4 years. My infertility doctor suggested consulting an acupuncturist while I underwent the Intrauterine inseminations. I took her advice and went to the acupuncturist that my doctor recommended. I underwent 3 IUI's over the course of a year and saw the acupuncturist every week. Unfortunately, the IUI's were unsuccessful. I met Andrea Beckwith through a mutual acquaintance around the same time I had started the injections to undergo In vitro fertilization. I decided it wouldn't hurt to try someone new. I liked her kind demeanor and patient personality She was tremendously professional and walked me through each needle; informing me of its purpose. I had been going to an acupuncturist for over a year, and I had never felt the sensations that I felt with Ms. Beckwith. I know it sounds silly, but I could actually feel it "working." One month later I found out I was pregnant. I don't know if her treatment was more effective because of her technique or if her calming nature helped lessen my stress, but I would recommend her services to any woman going through the emotional roller coaster of infertility. You will find tranquility with Andrea even in the most difficult of times…guaranteed." 


Five Element Acupuncture is a unique treatment that has the given me the opportunity to reach great levels of healing by opening up my consciousness, connecting my mind, body and spirit, and allowing me to progress through my journey of recovery and self discovery. It has helped me to open my awareness and become more in tune to my internal being, while helping me move toward a healthier enriched soulful existence.  Andrea’s gentle and intuitive approach is thorough and effective. Her understanding and ability to see the big picture of my needs allow her to develop a healing treatment that entails tools for my soul so I can feel more connected, energized, and balanced in the complexities of living in the day-to-day world. Her treatments are handled with care and compassion, and in turn she has gained my trust and respect.   

– Ruby

Andrea’s energy is very healing and supportive. I have worked through a lot of acupuncture sessions with Andrea, first in dealing with the after effects of my car accident in healing whiplash and a concussion.  Then I fell and broke my elbow recently and sought her help in recovery.  After her acupuncture sessions I felt balanced, rejuvenated and relaxed.  My mind and body get the support needed for healing.   

-Lori B.

I am so grateful for Andrea’s wonderful gift in her acupuncture practice.  She has a wonderful caring energy that puts you at ease right away.  Our first treatments together were in helping me to detox from pain medications after a back fusion. I was having such a challenging time. The relief I felt right away was amazing and relieving.  After a few of those sessions I started to see her to help me through the recovery from surgery as I was experiencing nerve issues.  The treatments not only gave me relief but helped me heal.  I was amazed and so grateful for not only the practice of acupuncture but for Andrea’s caring nature and desire to help me heal.  

-Brenda S.

I’ve always been very happy to avoid needles whenever possible, so I’ve never been interested in getting acupuncture. However, a few months ago, I decided to try it to treat an issue that wasn’t responding well to other methods, and to learn more by experiencing it. At my first treatment, Andrea did a full intake, like any doctor would, and explained how the acupuncture procedure would happen. She made me feel more comfortable about the procedure than I expected to be. As I am a Reiki practitioner, I had questions about acupuncture as a form of energy healing, and about Chinese 5 Element in particular. Andrea is very knowledgeable.  I could feel the effects very soon after she started, and by the end of the first hour treatment, I felt there was enough tangible positive benefit that I scheduled a second treatment for a week later. Now, 10 treatments later, I can say that acupuncture is going to be a permanent part of my health care plan.  

-Jeff W.

I just want to highly recommend Andrea and her skills. I'm not sure I would have survived my first trimester morning sickness and fatigue without her treatments. They were so effective and gave me relief from the terrible nausea I had all day long. She made my first trimester so bearable! 


Andrea has been treating me for anxiety, low energy, and headaches for the last four months . The results have been very noticeable. I am feeling more like myself again! I'm very grateful for Andrea's compassionate care and expertise. Thank you, Andrea!

- Shaina S.

Andrea is very professional and personable. She does a great job at taking a comprehensive medical history and talking about your health needs. She listens well and takes pulses to address any imbalances. She is very thorough in her treatment and uses a variety of techniques. I left feeling very relaxed and back in balance. If you are new to acupuncture or a veteran like me, then I would recommend you make an appointment with Andrea for your first or next treatment.

- Amelia V.

I have been seeing Andrea regularly for the last three months. I initially had a rash that wasn't going away and a lot of stress due to two major changes in my life. The rash went away after the first session. I have felt grounded and steady in facing these challenges. During treatments I feel cozy and relaxed and able to let go. Andrea is a talented healer with a gentle cheery spirit.

- A. P.

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